How it all began...

 Making Meeting Easier

Making Meeting Easier


We thought you might like to know how round-abouts came to be and why we felt it was so important to develop the app.

It all started when Director and Co-Founder Estera Sutton found herself alone on business in the US:

“The idea for round-abouts came after a real-life missed opportunity. I had been away in the States and discovered – once I had returned – that I had been just a couple of miles away from my sister-in-law! Had we known in advance, we would have made arrangements to meet.

That wasn’t the first time it had happened to me and talking to friends and colleagues, it seemed that missed opportunities like this were actually pretty common. Not only in our social lives but professionally too. At conferences and big conventions scheduling meet-ups is always a complete pain. It takes forever to organise and relies on you knowing who'll be there and when. So many times I have bumped into an old colleague in a lobby or a customer at the airport and wished I’d had more time to chat.”

Estera and her like-minded friends and family decided to look for an app that would help them avoid these missed opportunities in the future… and discovered there were none! So, they formed a team, made it happen and round-abouts was born! 

Last month the app became available to download and now everyone can find out if their contacts will be ‘round-abouts’ the same location as them. Try it for yourself - download it from the App Store or Google Play and tell us what you think, we'd love to know!

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