round-abouts for businesses

round-abouts offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage directly with potential customers who are planning to be in your catchment area in the future  - allowing for the delivery of highly targeted campaigns at the earliest possible stage of the customer decision making cycle, maximising effectiveness and the chance for conversion.

  1. Create a round-abouts account for your business – logging your business location as the home-abouts
  2. Utilise your social media channels to encourage followers/customers to assign you a status
  3. You will then receive notifications each time a customer has added you to their network – respond in kind and assign a status to each customer
  4. Upon a customer then logging an event in your vicinity, you will receive a home-abouts Overlap Notification – informing you in advance of when the prospective customer is planning to be in your catchment area
  5. Establish a Connection and communicate directly with the prospective customer – reaching out with targeted campaigns in advance of them being in your area, thus maximising the opportunity to engage and convert

As always, privacy and discretion is key for us at round-abouts – if any user or business no longer wishes to engage, simply de-select the status and remove the contact from your network. Easy.

To find out more on how round-abouts can benefit your business please contact us below.

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